Flamenco Negra

I am currently finishing this Flamenco Negra with shellack. There is often some confusion about what the difference is between a flamenco negra and a classical guitar. Some claim a flamenco negra is just a classical guitar with a lower bridge and action. I think the definition of a Flamenco negra depends on the builder.

The way I build a Flamenco negra is the same way as my other flamenco guitar, the only difference being that the wood for the back and sides is a different species (in most cases Rosewood). This gives the guitar a different voice compared to a Flamenco Blanca, but It still react as a true flamenco guitar should: a fast attack with a short sustain, and a lot of power. This guitar should be done fairly soon, so stay tuned for updates and pictures! Flamenco negra Click on the picture to view in larger format.
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