Mahogany Explorer

This Mahogany Explorer is coming along nicely.

Quite alot of work has been done since the last update on this build. I planed the area where the fretboard meets the body into the right angle and routed the neck cavity. The neck has been shaped and is now glued into the body. The fretboard has gotten its radius, In this case the fretboard has a compound radius going from 12" at the 1st fret to 14" at the last fret. I also worked on the bell trussrod cover which I made out of ebony to match the headstock. A cool little detail that take alot of work.
Click on the pictures to view them in a larger format, pictures will open in a new window.Mahogany explorer Mahogany ExplorerExplorer guitarExplorer headstockExplorer bell trussrod cover
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